FiberTel and FiberTel Pipeline have been involved in the Directional Drilling Industry for 30 plus years. FiberTel provides directional drilling for the Telecommunications, Natural Gas, Mining, Industrial and Electrical industries . Fibertel’s Commitment to Safety has allowed us to carry certification that allows us to work in the Natural gas, Mining and Industrial Industries. FiberTel can provide single and multi-duct solutions ranging from 3/4 inch conduit to 36inch conduit. Our areas of expertise include the following.

➢   Large Diameter Drilling

➢   Rock motoring

➢   Multi Duct solutions

➢   Wetland and Environmental Directional Drill Crossings

➢   Directional Drilling of distances up to 4000’ plus feet

➢   Hydrovac services

➢   Wire Crossings

➢   Design builds